• Rehearsals: July 17-28
  • Tech: July 28-30
  • Performances: August 1-4th at Motion Media Arts Center, 2200 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78723
  • PAID– Stipends 

Short Plays and Cast Breakdowns

  • Stay Here by Mia King: CHENG, 55, Chinese; VINCENT, 22, half Chinese, half white; ISAAC, 22, any ethnicity except East Asian and/or white.
  • Objects in Mirror … by Deja Morgan: Already cast
  • Don’t Send Flowers by Sally Seitz: Delores, 80s; Margret, 80s
  • Bulldozers by Greg Romero: BARBARA WHITEHEAD, Female. ELISE, Female. A WOLF, female or male.
  • The Shore by Kathleen Evelyn Brown: CALIBAN is referred to using male pronouns but may be portrayed by an actor of any gender. ARIEL is a spirit and does not conform to a gender, pronouns are “they” “their” and “them.” MIRANDA should be played by a female-identifying actor.
  • Kitty-cat Brigade by Tristan Young Mercado: Doris, Middle-aged white woman finding her voice. Gabby, 30-something liberal female of Mexican descent. Sara, 30-something liberal female, zealous and athletic. Melania, First Lady of the United States

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