*Nominated for four 2019 B. Iden Payne Awards: Lead Actor in a Drama, Featured Actress in a Drama, Live Music Performance, and Sound Design*

Production Photos

  • Director- Simone Alexander
  • Stage Manager- Allie Van Niman
  • Set Designer- Nehemiah Alexander
  • Lighting Designer- Jacqueline Sindlear
  • Sound Designer- Malyssa Quiles
  • T.O. – Justin Whitener
  • Prima- Ashley Hazzard
  • Lord Style- Hollis Lapree Edwards
  • Roy- AJ Reyes
  • Professor Brown- Khali McDuff-Sykes


Agape Baptist Church, H.E. Calahan, Timothy Dailey-Valdes, Four Hands Furniture, Collette Laday, Karen and Tony Laday, Nadine Pennypacker, Kurt and Barbara Regulski, Sherry Shults